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We require a SQL DBA to oversee the optimization of SQL queries, database structure, data security, data management, software engineering as well as identifying the tools that will support these needs. and audits. The ideal candidate will be skilled in Programming, Software Engineering, Data Architecture and Data Management.

· Manage the development & performance of SQL databases.
· Configure servers & processes to improve reliability & cut down on development times.
· Mentor, training, and knowledge sharing.
· Conduct database troubleshooting and maintenance.
· Increase system efficiency: optimising queries, changing data structures & automating tasks. Ensure system remains accessible, secure & stable.
· Develop improved methodologies and institute best practices around database security & access.
· Support release deployment activities.


Requirements/ Experience

  • Minimum 8 years experience
  • Data modelling and database design: creating a physical database design from a logical data model and application specifications
  • Metadata management and repository usage
  • Database schema creation and management
  • Implementing robust backup and recovery procedures
  • Ensuring data integrity
  • Performance management and tuning
  • Ensuring availability
  • Exceptional SQL query writing skills, including Storprocs, functions, data types, etc.
  • Data security
  • Capacity planning: ability to predict growth based on application data usage
  • General system and database management
  • Networking and developer skills: TCP/IP, Web servers, firewalls, TLS, XML, C#, XML, APIs, REST, etc.
  • Azure data services, ex. Azure MI, Azure VMs, Data Lake, Cosmos, etc.


The application criteria is strict and only candidates who meet the job requirements will be contacted. 

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