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Candidates Actively In the Market


White Male

Notice: 1 Calendar Month. Salary: R45K

Based in CT

This candidate has been working as a Senior SQL Developer and SQL DBA for almost 4 years for a Software Solutions Company, managing approximately 120 databases which range from between 10-100GB.

A calm and confident individual and eager to explore a new role where he can maximise his skills in a core DBA role.  He prides himself on being someone who thinks ahead and solutions orientated.  He will implement controls in advance to ensure that there are no challenges.

 Technology Stack:

  • C#
  • Golang
  • JavaScript
  • Joomla
  • MS SQL
  • Node.Js
  • PHP
  • Vue.Js
  • WordPress
  • Bash/Powershell Scripting

 Current role as SQL DBA:

  • Create Custom Software
  • Project Management
  • Database and Application Design (30 Clients)
    • Improve custom views
    • Automating tasks
    • Troubleshooting SQL errors
    • Set up discussion portals
    • Security and Permissions
  • Database Management
    • Size: 10GB-100GB (120)
  • 3-7 databases per client
    • Set up transaction logs
    • Optimise SQL queries
    • Troubleshooting and maintenance
    • Data Recovery
    • Version Controlling using GIT
  • Project Management (SCRUM)
  • Oversee small Development Team: (3)
  • Business Projects for EDI existing of 8 Services.
  • 50+ Custom Applications for clients